Life between the R & D

Hello Friends,

My name is Jess Loban, and I am thrilled to be the Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 4 in Colorado.  

I am a native, born in Glenwood Springs, and I live in Douglas County with my wife and four children.   

As a Libertarian, I want to bring common sense back to Congress.

I believe that most of us live between the R and the D that will follow my opponent's names on the ballot.   It's time that we demanded that our Liberty be Returned, and send someone who really represents the hearts of Coloradans.  

Colorado has made great strides in civil liberties, and we want to take this message to Washington.  There must also be a clear demand for a fiscal responsibility.  There is no reason we cannot find Liberty and Accountability in one Party.

The number of Libertarians in Colorado is growing at an exciting pace, and I want to welcome you all to join me as we work to increase our freedom and decrease our debt.  

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I possibly can. It is time we Send a Message to the parties and to Washington that we will not compromise on our values.  This is a real grassroots campaign, and it will take your voice and your support to make our goals a reality.  #BeFree


Jess Loban

Candidate for Colorado Congressional district 4

We need your Support.

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